On April 4 the Institute of Distance Learning held the online-seminar "St. Nikolaj Velimirovic and pre-Christian seekers". Speaker: Deacon Phillip Calington Ph.D. 

St. Nikolaj and pre-Christian seekers. This title and this topic might seem very odd to some, perhaps even shocking. How can this great and renowned Serbian Bishop, saint, and thinker of the 20th century, be in anyway connected to pre-Christian seekers and philosophers? The answer is in his spiritual masterpiece, “Prayers by the Lake”, prayer 48 to be precise. It is a hymn of praise and admiration. A deeply theological hymn that explains aspects of Orthodox spirituality in a brilliant way. However, it is also a hymn written to and praising people like Lao Tzu, Buddha, Krishna and Zoroaster – all pre-Christian philosophers. How are we to understand this? 

Seminar broadcast recording (on the Phillip Calington Channel The Orthodox Wanderer):

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