How to study

Hello students,

Welcome to the Christian English Vocabulary course.

Every week we will study new materials in 5 sections: Vocabulary, Reading, Prayer of the Week, Reading the Gospels, Watching and Discussing. At the end of each week, you will need to pass a test.

Assignments starting with the word [Extra] are optional. Usually these are more difficult assignments and texts related to events and holidays that occur on those dates.

For our course, you will need a notebook to keep a record of new words or you can use websites and apps such as Lingualeo to effectively learn new vocabulary. Simply choose which method of learning works best for you.

It is thought that 10 new words a day is optimal for the average person. Make a study plan and follow it strictly. Don't put off until tomorrow what you need to learn today. Learning words is like eating meals: less is better, but more often. Do not forget to repeat the words you have already learned as they will come up in your weekly tests.

Be sure to carefully familiarize yourself with the course schedule. Each assignment has its own deadline. Individual assignments should be completed in advance so that you can read the teacher's feedback and, if necessary, make changes to the assignment.

You will need to independently mark as completed some elements of the course that do not require verification by the teacher by checking the box next to your name. It is important that you do this so that you can access the subsequent materials in good time.

You can access the following week’s assignments on Saturday (if you have completed all the tasks assigned to the current week). It is a requirement that you pass the weekly test before you can continue to the next. Plan your studies carefully depending on how much free time you have and your level of English proficiency. It is recommended that you set aside 5 study hours a week.

To complete the course, you will be given an essay on a given topic and you will have to pass an end-of-course test.

Please note that the course must be completed on time in order to receive a certificate of completion.

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