The Jesus Prayer

  • Watch the video, find the following words and expressions, write them down in your personal vocabulary book and learn them: милость, грешник, четки, постоянное общение с Богом, исповедовать, десять прокаженных, мытарь.
  • Learn the prayer by heart.

Lord, Jesus Christ, Son of God have mercy on me, a sinner.

What is the Jesus Prayer?

The Jesus Prayer is a short prayer often said with the aid of a prayer rope. The goal is to get the prayer from the head into the heart—to activate within the heart constant communion with God.

Let’s break it down.

The first part is focussed on a correct understanding of Jesus Christ, and the second part on a correct understanding of ourselves.

—First, We acknowledge Jesus as Lord and Christ and that there is power in his name
—Secondly, we confess that he is the only begotten and eternal Son of God

—Then we ask for mercy, like the blind man, the ten lepers, and the publican. Finally, we recognize that we radically fall short of God’s calling.

It is a theologically correct cry for help. One to be used every minute of every day.

But if it’s not practiced correctly, it can be dangerous.

To learn more about Jesus Prayer watch

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